Tuesday, I have made

it to the Dr’s, I had my blood pressure taken & I have to go back on Friday for a blood test.


Tuesday, today I made

Pasta bake, using the rest of the leftovers, half a chicken breast, a large mushroom and a thick slice of bacon, all sliced thinly, cooked and added to a white sauce.

This morning I took some photo’s of my hanging baskets, due to a cockup on the labeling front I planted Nicotina in the baskets, which of course grows way too tall, heyho, they look colourful.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Monday, today I made

Today I made a meal from leftovers, at the weekend I bought a packet of bacon pieces, a kilo for £1.69, the packet was full of large thick slices, each one the size of half a gammon steak. I divided the pieces between 6 bags and put the bags in the freezer and kept 2 pieces in the fridge. We had friends over for a BBQ at the weekend and left over in the fridge after they’d gone was some cooked new potatoes, 2 sausages,  2 huge mushrooms, half a chicken breast and one burger. I left the chicken breast in the fridge but griddled the sausages, burger and one  mushroom, I sliced and then sauteed the potatoes and served it all with salad from the garden.

Sunday, today I made

Sunday evening, I knitted a beard for a small boy who loves pirates and wanted a beard to complete his pirate outfit.

I used a part ball of some fluffy black wool, I cast on 18 stitches, knitted ’til the beard was about 4 or 5 inches long. Next row I knit 6 cast off 6 then knit 6. Next row, knit 6 cast on 6 knit 6, I knitted another few rows to make the tash. Elastic across the back to hold it on and there you have it, a knitted beard.