Tuesday, today I made

Pasta bake, using the rest of the leftovers, half a chicken breast, a large mushroom and a thick slice of bacon, all sliced thinly, cooked and added to a white sauce.

This morning I took some photo’s of my hanging baskets, due to a cockup on the labeling front I planted Nicotina in the baskets, which of course grows way too tall, heyho, they look colourful.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


16 thoughts on “Tuesday, today I made

  1. Hi Hester, so glad to have found your new blog! Was beginning to worry what had happened to you. Glad you are still blogging. As Silver Sewer above said, do I need to be invited?
    frugal freesia x

  2. Oh, that sounds delish and you are right about the baskets. Mistake or not,, they look great. If you just fancy a change of direction that’s fine with us. What worries me is the complete change. in your posts. Just reassure us that you are well and that everything in your world is okay (apart for the usual crap life throws at us).and we can all relax. Keep posting, keep making and keep on keeping on. Very Best Wishes, Sarah X

  3. So here you are! I was ever so worried when you disappeared – glad to see you are still around. We did the same with the ‘tobacco plants’ – we have to fight our way in through the lush undergrowth!

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