Saturday, today I made

A small pan of leek and potato soup, I’m very unsure of what I should be eating, as I have no diagnosis as yet. I’m sticking to little and not too often, I need to build my strength up as at present I am unable to climb the stairs & have to crawl up. I need to eat bananas as I am short of potassium, the Minder, god love him does a blinding fryup and will BBQ anything that once mooed, baaed or clucked, but I’m not up to eating anything like that.

So I’ve been living on cereal, cheese spread sandwiches, scrambled eggs and bananas. This is an improvement of sorts, the first 3 days out of hospital I lived on tinned rice pudding, because a) I could keep it down, b) a tin eaten in 3 servings meant I could take my medication & c) even my beloved could open a tin & bring it upstairs with a spoon.

On my first morning home I’d asked for a small bowl of cereal and a banana, if he could have found a bigger bowl it would have been my bread making bowl, it was so full of cereal that I was hard pushed to fit in milk or sugar, let alone the half a banana that I wanted! My daughter had to come round every day to put the correct amount of cereal in the bowl. I doubt if I or my marriage would have survived with out her.


8 thoughts on “Saturday, today I made

  1. I’ve never made leek and potato soup. I think it’s one we’d actually really like. Soup nights will start again in September.

    Really sorry to read more detail about just how poorly you have been. Take it real easy x

  2. Glad you are improving if somewhat slowly, love the cereal story. Tinned rice pud is a brilliant standby for everyone. Sending get well wishes.

  3. Love tinned rice pud when I’m not well too. Do hope they find out what’s wrong with you soon and that you will soon be on the mend

  4. Glad to hear you’re up and about. Hope you get a diagnosis soon so you know where you’re up to. I got scrambled eggs for lunch and spag bol for tea on the day I was released to hospital. Next day I was back in the kitchen cooking all the meals! xx

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