Sunday, I made

A fish pie, well mainly I sat at the table & directed operations, it was delicious.

DD visited with the children, we sent them home with loads of veg as we have a glut & I’m not up to keeping on top of it yet.

A friend also dropped a foam cushion over for me, I’ve lost so much I have a bony bum, and was finding it hard to sit comfortably.


5 thoughts on “Sunday, I made

  1. Oh Hester, even when you are unwell you still make me laugh. I hope you are on the mend and will soon be back to your wonderful funny self. Big hugs xx

  2. I adore fish pie. I know you’re supposed to put boiled eggs on it but I never do. I’m either missing a trick or make a very sound decision. I can’t imagine how it can add to the yumminess of the fish pie.

    Your poor bum is not so poor any more.


  3. Oh dear, you sound very poorly, but glad to hear you are slowly managing to get about a bit. It’s good to have people to help when you need it, but also hard to accept when you are normally such a busy, independant person. Sending you big get well hugs 🙂

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