Hospital Tales Part 1

In some ways being in hospital was like being at work, thousands of £££££££££ worth of whizz bang technology and none of it works!

The nurses do the obs pushing a pole on wheels, the pole has a basket and a console attached to it. the console shows temperature,  oxygen levels and blood pressure, there is a small touch pad that the nurses use to upload the results to the patients records. Only most of the touch pads don’t work, so the nurses end up writing everything down on paper towels and waiting til they can access the computer at the nurses station. 


3 thoughts on “Hospital Tales Part 1

  1. Hi Hester
    Sorry to hear you had such a bad time. My daughterhas the scope every few years and it is the prep medication that she hates the most. Hope you will get medication sorted out soon and feel better then. Catriona

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